What is the best iHerb code for you?

If you wish to find the best iHerb promo code for yourself, all you need to do is fire up your search engine of choice and type ‘coupon code for iHerb 2015’ into the search box – your browser will automatically find and list he freshest deals on the iHerb natural products store. You’ll find that different coupon codes have different benefits, for instance, some might give a flat $10 discount on your purchases. There are also those that can eliminate shipping costs from your purchases.

The combined effect of these health and beauty coupons makes iHerb coupons one of the best promotional strategies at the moment, from the perspective of the customers.

Is there an iHerb coupon code for returning customers?

As a returning customer to iHerb, I was initially a bit put out to discover that the majority of coupons for iHerb products only work for first time customers. However, this disappointment soon vanished when I saw that there are other iHerb rewards for their loyal customers – special VIP discounts e.g. 10% off the order if your cart values over $100!

As a general rule, the more you buy as a returning customer, the bigger discount you get (since it’s a percentage of the total value of your cart). Therefore, you can compensate for not being able to utilize the coupons if you purchase your supplements in one go (makes your purchase as large as possible, translating into the largest possible discount).

iHerb also provides special deals on different products and brands sometimes, you can view these on their website’s ‘Specials’ section. Normally, these deals are limited time only so be sure to check regularly this section for updates. They aren’t bound to coupon codes so they can be availed by both old and new customers.

How do I remove shipping costs from my order?

Besides the coupons described above, there are plenty other types of coupons that you can avail. Some of them remove all shipping costs form your order. As an example, there is a coupon that gives you ‘Free 1 to 5 Day Shipping and Zero Sales Tax on US orders above $20’.

You may also find a coupon that knocks of shipping costs from international orders. However, such a coupon will require a purchase of over $40.

You can also be a part of the iHerb rewards program:

You’ll be using a unique referral code that’s assigned to you while you share iHerb on different websites, blogs, and social media. When the newly referred customer applies your iHerb referral code to their first time purchase, they’ll receive a $10 discount if the value of their purchase is over $40, and $5 discount otherwise.

With each new customer that uses your unique referral code, you’ll be getting a cash reward amounting to 6 percent of their purchased product cost. But it doesn’t stop at that. You’ll also be making 6% on all future purchases your referred customer makes that year, and 2% from then on.

The number of first time referrals you can create is unlimited.