What are the best supplements for brain health?

“Brain health” is a very vague term, and it’s very generalized. It can mean a lot of things, as your brain, really does control everything, so basically, every single bodily function more or less is connected to brain health.

But here we are mainly going to focus on supplements that increase memory, reduce chances of brain-related diseases like dementia, Alzheimer, and just mainly increase brain activity, keep you focused and attentive.

Please keep in mind that simply taking one or two supplements will not have any significant effects, you have to change your daily routine, stick to a good healthy diet, a little bit of exercise, just 10-15 mins of a brisk walk will do wonders for you.

Just like how you can lose fat in one specific part of your body, you can just enhance one part of your brain, but have to work on everything.

Let’s start with brain health supplements vitamins and other supplements, and at the end will conclude which are the top supplements for brain health.

• Omega-3 fatty acid: these are fish oil supplements that according to some studies, increase memory functions and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.
• L-Theanine: This is a protein which is found mainly in green tea. It helps reduce stress and calms you down. Also, helps focus and because it is a natural supplement, it doesn’t have any side effects and should regularly be taken.
• Huperzine A: Found in some herbs like the Chinese club moss, it works by increasing production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is related to memory storage and cognitive functions. It works relatively fast and in small doses.
• Ginkgo: leave of ginkgo tree are found to increase blood flow to the brain, curbing some symptoms that might lead to dementia and other related diseases.
• Rhodiola Rosea: by increasing serotonin levels in your body it helps enhance your mood and even improve reasoning skills. It has been used for centuries to prevent altitude sickness, and in dealing with colder temperatures.
• Asian ginseng or Panax: Has been used for ages all over the work along with some other supplements like ginkgo, it’s believed to increase the quality of life in general by enhancing your mood, focus, and attention. Also believed to improve memory. Extensive research has been done on this natural herb, and for a good reason, it has a plethora of uses.
• Vitamin E: believed to slow progression of Alzheimer’s and a plentitude of other uses.

You have to keep in mind that although many of these supplements are natural, when mixed with other pharmaceuticals they may cause adverse side effects.

Always consult your personal health care physician, one that is familiar with your medical history before taking anything.
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